"Everyone Deserves A Chance..."

Friday we had the honor of sitting around a table at The East Lake Foundation and learning from amazing leaders in the East Lake Community.

The East Lake Foundation was founded in 1995 based on the belief that "everyone deserves a chance to succeed." This belief fueled opportunity for change in a community that everyone else turned their back on.

Over the past 20 years, The East Lake Foundation has been working in conjunction with public and private parties to break the cycle of poverty & create a thriving community.

Their focus is a holistic approach to re-development through purpose built communities, cradle to college education, and community wellness.

Through these strategic programs, violent crime has been reduced by 95%, graduation rate near 90% (compared to 30% in 1995) and all eligible adults are working or in job training (compared to an EMPLOYMENT rate of 13.5%) We are honored to support The East Lake Foundation through Brilliant! And we can't wait to see what the coming years hold!