Pullman Yard - Historic Site?

J.Rich Atlanta Team at the Pullman Yard

J.Rich Atlanta Team at the Pullman Yard

According to recent news,  there is an effort to vote the Pullman Yards as a historic site.

If the Pullman Yards are deemed as 'historic', this will mean that the developers will most likely find a way to preserve the buildings. This is a change to recent proposals that plan to develop the space with housing, retail, and green spaces. The potential of this title could completely change the direction of the future development.

As Atlanta City Councilperson Natalyn Archibong says : “The real end game is to preserve our history,” Archibong said. “The hope is the developer, or whoever would come in, would have a proposal to utilize or bring those buildings back into some utility.”

Check out the full history of the Pullman Yards below as we continue to dream about what the future holds for this space!

Check out the full history of the Pullman Yard, according to Creative Loafing, here :

1904: Pratt Engineering, a parts manufacturer for sugar and fertilizer processing plants, opens the plant on a plot of farmland.

1917: Property makes munitions used by soldiers in World War I.

1922: The Chicago-based Pullman Company buys the 28-acre property and turns it into a rail car repair station.

1920s: In a segregated South, Pullman’s Atlanta shop manager begins recruiting black workers from local porters and car cleaners. The company becomes one of the largest employers of black Americans in the country.

1954: Pullman closes its Atlanta shop.

1970s-‘90s: The land passes through several different owners, including Georgia Power and Southern Iron and Equipment Company.

1992: The state purchases the property for $1.6 million and makes it the home of the New Georgia Railroad train.

2008: State puts property up for bid, but rejects two offers and takes it off the market.

2011-12: Fast Five and Hunger Games: Catching Fire, among others movies, film at the property.

2013: The state says it will consider putting Pullman Yard up for bid next year.

— creative loafing