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All of our realtors live in the neighborhoods they are serving.

A great real estate agent knows the neighborhood like they know their living room. There is an intimate familiarity that seamlessly merges with an ambition to welcome people in. They love where they live and are committed to helping the community thrive. They are accountable to it’s growth and development because they are personally invested, both financially and emotionally, in what it is becoming. A profound knowledge of the local schools, parks, restaurants, retail, & civic activity is just the beginning of what a geocentric agent offers. This is who you want to work with. This is who we are. We are J.Rich Atlanta!

“We relocated to Atlanta from Washington, D.C. and were looking for the perfect Atlanta neighborhood for our family. Jonathan patiently helped us find the balance between a great community, excellent schools, and affordability. Thanks to Jonathan, we have been incredibly happy in our new home, community, and school. Jonathan has a heart for Atlanta real estate and it is shown in the service that he provides. Our family will use Jonathan’s services again, should we purchase another property, and we highly recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate professional in Atlanta.”

Joe & Marcy | Buyer | East Lake

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With over 620 real estate transactions completed, the J.Rich Atlanta team has had the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and expertise through a wide variety of experiences. J.Rich Atlanta has helped investors transform over 250 homes in the Kirkwood, East Lake, and Decatur neighborhoods since 2011. We know old and new houses inside and out and this helps us better inform and support our clients in their home search.


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