"GBG Market is all about community, our community"

Anticipation is building around the opening of GBG (Goods, Beverages, Groceries) Market in the heart of Kirkwood! We are excited to share that owner Bob Rhein shared with us about his story, his passions/vision for the market, and some clues to what you might find on the shelves!  Enjoy reading below!

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We have been dreaming about this grocery for a long time, years in fact....

We have been dreaming about this grocery for a long time, years in fact.   A neighborhood store, with shelves of great wine and beer, brands you know and some we can't wait for you to try, where our friends and neighbors can come in on the way home from work or on your way to a concert in park to get basic supplies like chips and queso but also taleggio and brie, organic vegetables and gluten free ice cream.  A place that would be a welcome sight in Kirkwood.

But let's back up a little.  We are Bob Rhein and Ginny Staples.  We have lived in Kirkwood for a few years now, but have much deeper roots in Atlanta.  Ginny went to HIGH SCHOOL here and Bob moved here out of college to work at a bar during the 96 Olympics.  Bob stayed in the bar and restaurant industry, opening new places, managing the floor, always focused on great customer experiences. Ginny is a project manager extraordinaire, working for payroll companies to solve problems, train people to do new things that scare them, and always with a sense of humor and possibility. For the last 7 years Bob has been the owner and operator of the Square Pub in Decatur. It was there that we met, and later hosted our wedding reception when we eloped.   We are the proud parents of three dogs and a cat. 

GBG is all about community, our community.

GBG is all about community, our community.  GBG stands for Goods, Beverages, and Groceries but it also happens to be the initials of the three owners: Bob, Ginny and our friend Greg.  We will sell many goods made from our family and friends' recipes - wait until you taste the lemon bars - and have a coffee bar for your morning commute.  Our plan is to meet your basic grocery needs with paper goods, milk, juice and marinara.  But we also want to make your life easier with a selection of prepared foods like salads, sandwiches, kids' meals, pre-cooked enchiladas and lasagna, alongside fresh baked goods, a selection of chilled IPAs, and a special candy selection for the kids.  And did we mention the kombucha on tap? 

We are thrilled to be opening in August,  Keep an eye out for the window sign at 2033 Hosea L Williams Drive, next to Indigo Yoga, to change from "Coming Soon" to NOW OPEN!

-Bob Rhein