"Atlanta is a hard city to figure out, with so many little pockets, some tucked away behind a rail yard, like ours..." - Joseph Stagnaro

 Hey, I'm Joseph Stagnaro and I live in Reynoldstown with my beautiful wife Kayla, and our amazing baby boy Isaiah.

I started working for Jonathan 3 years ago, and as his first employee, I took photos of listings, did graphic design for marketing, put signs up, cleaned out crawl spaces, and even went to a few closings.

A few months into it, we realized I should probably get my real estate license. Now, I work with buyers and sellers all over the city, and work with a few developers as well. My favorite part of my job is getting to use my creativity to help design homes. Knowing that our design choices will dictate how a family uses their home is so exciting to me!

Reynoldstown was one of the first African-American neighborhoods to develop in Atlanta, originally by freed slaves after the Civil War. The Georgia Railroad (now CSX) was a large source of employment for those looking for work in the city. The neighborhood attracts a diverse group of people because of its walkability, central location in the city, and diverse housing supply. There is a strong artistic community, with lots of street art, and home to the WonderRoot Arts Center. 

The walkability of Reynoldstown was one of the biggest reasons we chose this neighborhood as our home. We can walk a half mile to our favorite donut shop Revolution, a great burrito restaurant Bell Street Burritos, & Krog Street Market. There are multiple parks within a few blocks, and I can't wait to teach my son how to ride his bike on The Beltline 1 block from our house! We are surrounded by mixed use developments like the future Atlanta Dairies, and Madison Yards which will have a movie theater and grocery store! Atlanta is quickly becoming a city where you can truly live an urban lifestyle, having everything you need within walking distance of your house. 

When you walk around Reynoldstown, you see all kinds of different houses. The lots vary in size, with the smaller ones being only 20ft wide (50ft is a pretty standard width). This not only provides diverse housing options, but diverse income levels as well. We love seeing a historic shotgun style bungalow next to a contemporary home, next to a modern farmhouse duplex. With the amount of density this neighborhood has, we are able to sustain local restaurants, coffee shops and stores! 

Thanks for letting me take you on a little tour of my neighborhood! Atlanta is a hard city to figure out, with so many little pockets, some tucked away behind a rail yard, like ours. I hope this gave you some insight into a place you might not have been! Say hey if you see us on the Beltline this spring!