Memorial Drive Development

There are really exciting things happening on Memorial Drive - projects and plans that 5 years ago we did not even think was possible. Recently it was announced that the developer of Krog Street Market ( and the  Atlanta Dairies project  ) purchased a large area of Memorial Drive - The Atlantic Shopping Center! This is HUGE news especially for Kirkwood, Grant Park, and Reynoldstown. 

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Not much is released yet about how the space will be used, but Curbed Atlanta did get a bit of information from a contact who is a part of the development. Curbed asked what to expect and this was their response: 

Adaptive-reuse. It'll be reborn as The Atlantic Shopping Center. It technically used to be that many years ago, and now Paces is bringing back the name.

I guess we will have to wait to figure out exactly what this space will used for, but in the meantime we can think and dream about the possibilities. Who knows, in 5 years we may not even be able to recognize Memorial Drive! 

The future is bright and exciting for the city of Atlanta.....and we couldn't be more excited about it!