Bethany Thoms

Design Coordinator

Bethany and her husband JT built their first home in 2015, a new construction built by historic standards. Propelled by this experience, her creative spirit and long time love of historic architecture, Bethany decided to hone her skills into the area of design and now works as the the Design Coordinator for JRich Atlanta. Bethany is passionate about making four walls feel like home where individuals, couples and families can thrive. Bethany graduated from the University of Georgia in 2010. After graduating, she spent 5 years moving across the U.S. with her husband while working in social media marketing with a myriad of organizations. In 2015, they decided to settle down in the city where their roots go deep, Atlanta! When not "working," Bethany can be found laughing, antiquing, traveling and eating mexican food with her husband and two children!